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On upcoming projects

Long time, no see. It’s RosewoodGiraffe here, ready and willing to share with you the many forks (thoughts) churning around in my garbage disposal (brain).

I currently have three major overarching goals for myself in relation to textiles. Here they are, along with their status.

Learn to Tunisian crochet. Tunisian seems like a perfect way to transition into eventually learning to knit confidently. And I want to know a bit of everything involving textiles and yarn, so it had to happen eventually anyway. The Tunisian Crochet Workshop book by Poppy and Bliss is what I will be using, along with the KnitPicks Options interchangeable crochet hook set. Review and finished projects to come soon!

Make at least three pairs of socks. I really want to make socks, if for no other reason than I want socks that are the perfect fit for my ~~massive~~ above average size feet. I have ordered Step into Crochet by Rohn Strong and look forward to making some crochet socks. I’ve already started my first practice sock! I will definitely need to work on my mattress stitch for seaming the cuff. I also plan to try knitting socks with DPNs (double pointed knitting needles) and circular needles at some point.

Sock progress

Publish my first pattern. If I want to become a successful crochet pattern designer, I need to design patterns!!! I am working on a pattern that I’m very excited about, but it needs a lot more work before I will be ready to show it off. Maybe a sneak peek will be in the future.

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