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On my first attempt at quilting

Hello all, this is a quick update on a project that I made for my partner over the weekend.

Our adorable cat Uma, seen below, rather enjoys kneading on his chest. The problem is that he is mildly allergic to cats, and her claws leave red itchy marks. He suggested that I crochet some kind of pad to put on his chest and take the brunt of her affections.

Our cat Uma, being a cute lump of softness

I decided that I would do something new and attempt to make a quilt. I found a free pattern on Craftsy for a potholder that seemed the right size, and went to work.

I discovered one thing about halfway through…

In progress quilt project on my ironing board

I have no idea how to get the points to match up. As a consequence, the whole thing is kind of wonky. I think that next time I need to watch some youtube tutorials!

I made this with some fat quarters I had in my fabric stash, and I think it turned out pretty great considering my experience level with quilting!

finished quilt pad

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